Part 3: 漩涡·微芒
24 七月 2020


Part 3 : Whirlpool · Micro awn

In a campaign for network images called “Recently Deleted,” a transit program, I collected “discarded” images from a number of participants’ mobile photo albums. I tried to import these “leftovers” of visual consumption into the 3D interface for re-viewing. The old photographs of the original two-dimensional plane were reconstructed into three-dimensional virtual models here, and original people, objects and scenes in the image were magically changed into fragments of spots of light. Thus, by means of rotating and transforming these virtual three-dimensional spaces, I can not only walk on the front, side and back of the image material, but also swim in the gaps between the images. When they are viewed and stored again, the originally useless “data garbage” glows new small micro awn.