Part 2:漩涡·二次曝光
24 七月 2020

摄影的“民主性”和分享的“狂欢性”不仅让社交摄影迅速崛起,也让图像生产和传播的链条被疾速构筑。在此部分,我将诸多社交软件中的大众图像截取存至手机,并使用宝丽来影塔(Impossible Instant Lab)对屏幕进行翻拍。那些源自无序时空中被上传的数据图像,在影塔重新观看屏幕的过程中被曝光显影为“物”的照片。至此,拍摄者的身份、图像的私密性与公共性都被混合消解。而当我将这些图像的“副本”重新扫描上传至社交平台时,它们又再次获得了曝光传播的时机。

Part 2 : Whirlpool · Rephotograph

The “democracy” of photography and the “revelry” of sharing not only enable the rapid rise of social photography, but also rapidly build the chain of image production and dissemination.In this part, I captured and saved images of the public in many social software to mobile phones and copied the screen using Impossible Instant Lab.Photos in which data images uploaded from the disordered space-time are exposed and developed as “objects”during the re-viewing of the screen at Impossible Instant Lab. At this point, the identity of the photographer, the privacy and publicity of the image have been mixed and dissolved.And when I re-scanned and uploaded copies of these images to social platforms, they were exposed and distributed again.