24 七月 2020



他的创作通常从感光媒材出发,一方面通过感性的肉身潜能对底片进行操纵和干预,在其微妙的化学反应及变质过程中延展摄影的本体性语言;另一方面试用这一“创伤过程”中出现的幻觉图像对心灵进行抚慰与疗愈,在其抽象的碎裂形态中探寻艺术的精神性力量。他曾参与“2020 Photo LA”(洛杉矶,美国,2020) ,”来自中国的新艺术(伊斯兰堡美术馆,巴基斯坦,2019) ,”Flying Of New Media”(奇堂美术馆,韩国,2019),”重庆森林——一个亚洲伦理城市样本”(星汇当代美术馆,重庆,2018),”TENSION”, (Winchester Gallery,英国,2018), “另存为… “(第三艺术实验室,重庆,2017), “你好,我的样子”(尤伦斯当代艺术中心,北京,2016)等展览。

Wu Yuhang 

Born in Jiangjin, Chongqing in 1994, he graduated from Chongqing Normal University with a major in art education.

His works usually start from the photographic medium. On the one hand, he manipulates and intervenes the negative through the perceptual potential of “Leib”, and extends the ontological language of photography in its subtle chemical reactions and deterioration process. On the other hand, the hallucination images produced in the “traumatic” process are treated as a form of meditation to heal the soul, while he explores the spiritual power of art in its abstract fragmentation form. He has participated in“2020 Photo L.A”(Los Angeles,US,2020)”, “New Art From China”( Islamabad Art Gallery ,Pakistan)” , “Flying Of New Media”(Jitang Art Museum,South Korea,2019),“Chongqing Forest – A Sample of Asian Ethical Cities”(Xinghui Contemporary Art Museum,Chongqing,2018),“TENSION”(Winchester Gallery,UK,2018),“Save as… ”(3rd lab,Chongqing,2017),“Hello, my appearance”(UCCA,Beijing,2016)and other exhibitions.